The Beginner's Guide to Adventure Sport in New Zealand


How do you swim in open water? How do you read a compass? How do you fix a puncture?

New Zealand’s resident action man – Steve Gurney – brings you The Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Sport in New Zealand.

Instructional and highly illustrated, this is a beginner's book of adventure sport for all ages. It features pursuits to make the most out of New Zealand's great outdoors and get you all set up for a lifetime of adventure.

Learn the basics of open-water swimming, river kayaking, trail running, mountain biking, climbing and snow sport in New Zealand, then put it all together to compete in our famous multisport and adventure races. 

With an emphasis on safety throughout, this book has important information on the right gear you’ll need for the right pursuit and the essentials of survival in unpredictable environments.

Learn the basics from kayaking to mountain biking and everything in between. 

Watch the videos in the book - A Beginner's Guide to each sport by Steve Gurney


Trail Running


Cross Country Skiing

Mountain Biking


Climbing & Belaying