About Us

Steve Gurney, the creator of the products on this site, is a celebrity in New Zealand for winning the Coast to Coast Adventure Race a record nine times, among a host of other amazing adventure feats - including a record breaking crossing of the Sahara desert by kite buggy!  Steve is available for motivational speeches and team building workshops on www.stevegurney.co.nz

GurneyGears.com is the worldwide distributor of GurneyGoo and Steve's other products, based in Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand; supporting a network of distributors & dealers around the world who supply your local shops with our gear.

We provide the world leading anti-chafe formula - reducing water absorption (pruning), blisters and rubs (chafing), allowing you to get out there and go harder for longer.  Further. Faster. Easier.

Steve Gurney