Privacy Policy

We've tried to keep this in as plain English as we can so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We don't, and won't in the future, sell any information you give us to any other company - not your personal information and not even aggregated customer information. You won't be getting any spam from us, or anyone else, due to information that you have given us.

We use Google Analytics to monitor our traffic numbers and improve the usability of our site. What will we do with the information? We'll see if, for example, there is a place on our site that customers always leave, or always arrive. Then we'll try and make less pages like the former and more like the latter.

Our server, like just about every other webserver out there, builds up logs from our visitors. It shows us how people found our site and what they looked at once they'd arrived, that's pretty useful information to us, but doesn't mean that we can identify who any of the individual visitors are.

We are not responsible for any sites you may visit from ours, we recommend that you check their privacy policies.

We may periodically run questionnaires, surveys etc on the site - any intention to use your information outside of the policy you are now reading will be made clear on the relevant pages at the time.

We believe you are entitled to your privacy and have no intention of invading it. If you have any concerns please contact us and we'll do our very best to address them.