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Their curiosity piqued by their previous re-enactment "A Most Ambitious Journey" Gurney and Moffatt were motivated to re-trace the steps of Marmaduke Dixon and Guy Mannering; in a most exciting mountaineering / kayaking dual adventure.

Dixon and Mannering in 1890 were attempting to be the first to summit Aoraki/Mt Cook, followed by paddling their Rob Roy kayaks from the Hermitage down to the east Coast at Oamaru. Once again, Gurney was like a kid in a toyshop using the most modern equipment he could, whilst for comparison Moffatt uses gear and food of the original adventurers; hobnail boots, tweed jacket, oilskins, etc.

The trip didn't go as planned with a drama high on the flanks of Aoraki/Mt Cook, with consequences later in the trip.

The learning the pair got from this has direct applications, not only to modern-day adventure, but in Gurney's opinion, to the rapid march of technology in every-day modern life. Gurney expands on this concept in his latest book "Eating Dirt" and as a conference speaker.

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Steve Gurney on Mt Cook
Belay on Mt Cook
Gurney and Moffatt on Mt Cook
Steve Moffatt with Firstbite
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