Anti-friction, Anti-blister, Anti-chafing, Anti-septic, lubricating goop

Prevention is better than cure!

After your noggin, the single most important body bit to look after in adventure racing is your feet. Keeping them dry and free of those prune wrinkles is important, and this Goo is not only helpful in this but it reduces friction too. Goo is great on hands, armpits, crotches, butt cheeks and nipples! It is fantastic for kayaking in preventing blisters on hands. It's even been a useful nappy rash remedy!

A triple-whammy product. Water proofing - Friction reducing - Infection protection! The tubes are designed to be easy to open and use in a rush, under pressure with slippery or frozen hands and give an easy hygienic way to share with friends.

Gurney Goo™ Benefits:

  • Latest silicon technology with Tea Tree antiseptic qualities
  • Keeps your feet dry, prevents prune wrinkles (and trench foot) in wet conditions
  • Anti Chafing and Anti Blister Feet, armpits, crotch, butt cheeks & nipples
  • Prevents kayaking blisters
  • Tried & tested by Steve Gurney & his team during Adventure Races
  • Also great for preventing baby nappy rash!


Gurney Goo™ comes in 10ml pocket size tubes, 85ml standard tubes. 

The pocket size tube is best for individual users during races - carry a couple per person in a team.  This also acts as an insurance policy - if one person on a team runs out everyone can share, unlike the horrible consequences of the team's only standard tube being lost!

The standard tubes are best for everyday use while training, and as a base camp team supply while racing, if logistically possible.


...we thought we just HAD to write and tell you about our fabulous experiences with your goo.

Yesterday four of us did the Coastrek, a 50km charity trek, in the pouring rain.

We literally trudged along for 12 hours in soaking shoes. Our feet looked as good as new at the end, and we had no sore spots in any other high friction areas either.

Gurney Goo, we love you...

Tatiana Lowe, Red Hot Chilli Trekkers, NSW, Australia

I have just purchased my second tub of your Goo and wanted to say it is the best anti chafe I have ever used.

I suffer chronically, and I mean chronically, from chafe.  I get it anywhere and everywhere, so I am extremely relieved to have found your fantastic product.

I love the antiseptic, best thing is the shower after training/race doesn't sting like crazy anymore. I have just been chosen to go to Death Valley to run in the Badwater Ultramarathon

Amy Campbell, New Zealand

Hi!  My Dad and I just came back from the G2G Ultra in the Grand Canyon.  We wanted to tell you that the Gurney Goo was amazing. 

I'm someone who normally gets blisters on my feet and toes, and I just completed 170 miles on sandy and rocky terrain without a single blister.  It's quite unbelievable really. 

I followed the instructions - apply the night before and again in the morning, and it worked incredibly well. 

We feared that the sand would get in and stick to the goo, causing problems - although the sand got into our socks, it made no difference to the effectiveness of the goo.

So - thank you for developing such an excellent product that really works!

Daniel and John Bonallack

I am running Worlds Toughest Mudder in November and have been struggling with training because of chafing with my compression gear.

Now my problem is gone and I can concentrate on running.

Eric Atwood

I'm relying on Gurney Goo to get me through the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in the US.

Andre Blumberg, Hong Kong

I was running a 100km marathon {in Japan}, I used your goo and it was awesome, didn't get  anything at all, no blisters, anything, so good, thankyou so much.

I made the run in 12hrs 20 mins, for 102 kms, not too bad, I was stoked to make it and am looking for more to do somewhere in this world of ours, thankyou again for your help.


We have just returned from a 10 day tramping trip on Stewart Island.

It was a really successful trip, largely due to your Gurney Goo - don't lose that recipe! ...By day 5 my husband started using it as well.

Then, as an added bonus, we used it to fix an annoying squeak my pack developed.

All this on top of fixing the kayaking calluses on my hands. What wonderful stuff!

F. Fraser, New Zealand

I have used your product several times and now we have just won the VW teams event in the 2012 C2C.

I swear by your goo and have no blisters at all after my epic 5.57! hour kayak!

I am doing my best tell everyone about this amazing goo. Thanks.

Dr. Rae Noble-Adams

Just writing to tell you the fantastic success story Nic and I have had with your Gurney Goo product. Nic and I used it last year on our 2800km descent down the Danube and this year on our 11000km biking silk road adventure adventure.

I must admit I was a little bit skeptical that the product would work when faced with up 90km of paddling a day 7 days a week and 160km a day biking in China. Not only did it work, it worked amazingly well with no blisters or friction problems anywhere on the body, amazing stuff.

In a time when few products live up to their claims your product surpassed all my wildest expectations and I would  thoroughly recommend it to anyone out there asking the old age question of how to prevent blisters and loss of skin through friction.

Used correctly there is no need for people to ever suffer from blisters any more, even faced with extreme conditions over a extended time.


Amazing!!!!!! When I am tramping and doing river crossings, my feet react to wet socks and I end up with an itchy, blistery rash which lasts for days.

I smothered my feet in goo before the start of the day and no rash has appeared! Awesome!


Thanks Steve for sharing this product with us.

Ross and I have both now done the C2C and neither of us have come out with any chaffing or blisters.

Thanks again for sharing your products and secrets.


Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that Gurney Goo is great for folk breaking in new shoes…

Wore my ridiculous heels again last night and no blisters at all, not much discomfort really, so there’s another whole market! Thank you.

Megan Gallagher

I did a canoe orienteering race with a friend last weekend and my hands were great - that stuff works!  

We did the course a second time to pick up the controls and were 9 min faster.

William Emerson, USA

Not only does it work for athletes but for chefs as well.

Standing on my feet all day, gurney goo really helped prevent blisters and sweat.

Also best stuff ever for burns and cuts which I get a few of. 

Best stuff ever :)

Jenn O Keeffe

Just wanted to let you know that your product has made a heap of difference in my prosthetic liner on my below knee amputation, I am now back in training and have been using it for a 2 weeks and have great results in reducing blisters etc.

My stump is loving it....... you may have a new market!

I will be telling a lot of amputees about my success with it.

A friend of mine had put me on to it and its the business for me!

Cheers GurneyGoo

Bevan Joyce

Used my tube at the Wanaka 100km Ultra last Saturday - happy to report no feet blisters (usually my biggest problem).  Only blister was on my hand from 18hrs of poles and no Goo.

Roger Leslie
How to use

Before racing/exercise

 Apply GurneyGoo™ liberally to areas prone to friction eg toes, crotch, nipples, feet, armpits, shoulders in vicinity of pack straps.

For the best protection, rub in a moderate amount 12 hours before start in addition to the liberal layer at the start.

For some of us, a shower on waking on race morning is a nice way to wake up, warm up, and soothe any pre-race nerves. If you've applied GurneyGoo the night before (a great idea for maximum chaffing prevention), then a light shower won't remove the all important component of the "night -before" GurneyGoo. 
The all important bit is that some GurneyGoo will remain, having had your sleep time to "soak in" to the outer layers of epidermis. A light rinse in the shower won't wash this off much at all. If you scrub with soap and flannel and hot water, then yes you'll remove 90% of this, so avoid scrubbing and keep the shower short.
So, a shower is all good so long as you don't scrub the bits you've applied the GurneyGoo to.
After your shower, give your bits a second application of Gurney Goo and you're all set to go!
The only exception is kayaking fingers if it's less than 2 hours before the event, in which case, make sure your shower is more than 2 hours before and apply Goo sparingly, and vigorously rub your hands together to heat and absorb.
If it's a long and chaffing-prone event, then you might also consider applying some goo to the clothing that can cause chaffing in addition to your skin. eg cycle chamois, running short crotch, socks, bra strap, kayak pants, etc.

To prevent kayaking blisters

To prevent hand blisters during long kayaking sessions: thoroughly rub GurneyGoo into hands up to 8 hours before start (eg night before), and no. closer. than. 1. hour. before. the. start. of. your. session.

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