Fitting a Bumfortable to your canoe

A comfortable Canoe seat makes or breaks your paddling experience. It doesn't matter if you're cruising on the lake, fishing or taking on the Yukon 1000 - you need to be comfortable to enjoy your sport.

To solve the problem of 'canoe comfort' Our US distributor, PXT Kayaks, has created a mounting plate that connects a Bumfortable to the rails of your canoe.

Once fitted the Bumfortable gives vastly improved comfort, and also gives far greater control over the heeling of your canoe, you can really involve your hips.

Thanks to Silver Fern Sports, and their customers, canoeists can now experience the long term comfort of the Bumfortable!

This isn't a product we carry ourselves so drop Silver Fern Sports a line, or order the canoe mounting plate and seat directly from their site.

Bumfortable Canoe Mounting Plate
Bumfortable seat mounted in a canoe