Which Bumfortable?

Bumfortable kayak seats come in two models. 

The correct seat for you depends entirely on the cross section shape of the hull of your kayak. Round kayak hulls have a rounded cross section, whilst Flat kayak hulls have a flatter cross section.

If you are paddling anything other than an advanced or elite level racing kayak then you need a 'Flat' Bumfortable. Elite level sea kayaks use a 'Flat'.

If you are paddling a kayak that is regarded as a pure racing kayak ( not a racing sea kayak ), and is considered to be an advanced or elite level craft then you need a 'Round' Bumfortable.

Still unsure which Bumfortable is for you?

Read on below or contact us with some info on your kayak and we'll get back to you.

Flat hull:

A flat kayak hull has a flatter shape in cross section. We categorise flat kayak hulls to be more than 500mm wide when measured at the cockpit (where the paddler sits), from outside to outside.  It is possible, though fairly unlikely for a kayak over this width kayak to have a sharply rounded hull shape, but we don't think we've ever seen or heard of one.

Example kayaks the Flat Bumfortable is a replacement seat for:

Round hull:

A round kayak hull has a more rounded shape in cross section. We categorize a narrow kayak to be less than 500mm measured at the cockpit (where the paddler sits), from outside to outside, however the most important part is the shape of the hull.  Note: A narrow kayak with a hard chined hull forming a very flat bottom can have the Flat hull shape despite being a narrow kayak.

Example kayaks the round Bumfortable is a replacement seat for:


Kayaks that can use either Round or Flat Bumfortables as seat replacements

Some kayaks will be right on the "fence" between Round hull and a Flat hull Bumfortable. These kayaks generally have a hull width at the cockpit of 500 +/- 50 mm.
This is great because it gives you an option, and you’ll be able to fit either a Round or a Flat Bumfortable.

If you're a proficient paddler and want to "get above or over" your paddle stroke, then go for the Round Bumfortable. This will lift you 15 mm higher than the Flat Bumfortable, BUT is less stable. If maximum stability is important to you and/or you're not racing, then the Flat Bumfortable is likely to be more stable and comfortable for you.

Kayak examples that could use either a Round or Flat Bumfortable are:

Still unsure which Bumfortable is for you?

Just contact us with some info on your kayak - a brand and model if it is easy to find online, or an image showing the cross section of the seating area of the hull if it;s not easy to find is ideal.

What boats can I NOT fit a Bumfortable to

A minority of sea kayaks have a seat that is built in as an integral part of the structure; or in some cases the seat seals off a rear water-tight compartment. The Bumfortable is not a suitable replacement in these kayaks without building an associated structure to fulfill the original intention of the manufacturer. Be aware that this may void the boat manufacturer's warranty.