Wooden kayak seat

There is something beautiful in both the function and style of a wooden kayak. The weight, the lines and the smoothness of the finish all create a craft that can't really be rivaled by 'modern' carbon & fibreglass equivalents.

Over the years the Bumfortable has been fitted to many home build and professionally made wooden kayaks. It's so easy to drop it in and it adds so little weight to your kayak that you won't even notice it when you carry it to the water.  The usual fitting instructions work well with wooden kayaks, and will present no challenge at all for anyone that's put in the time to build their own boat. All Pygmy kit boats use the Flat Bumfortable.

If you're looking to paddle any distance, or time, in your kayak then the seat is the place to put your focus - if your legs fall asleep or you get rubbed or uncomfortable you won't be going far.

The Bumfortable was designed to suit the vast majority of paddlers right out of the box, but it can also be modified with the careful application of heat, grinding and cutting so that it you have the perfect seat in the perfect kayak. It will fit both hard and soft chined boats, and both V-hulls and round bilges.

If you've been trying to decide which seat to put into your hand crafted kayak look no further - the Bumfortable will fit into your wooden kayak and will get you out on the water today.

Put a scratch on the outside and a Bumfortable on the inside, you'll never regret doing either!